Tweaking the Clock

Here is one tip for getting a little extra functionality from the Vista clock on the taskbar.
As simple as that clock is, many users need to keep track of time in multiple time zones.
Fortunately, you can do that right within your taskbar.
Right-click your clock on the taskbar and
select Adjust Date/Time. Select the Additional

Clocks tab and then determine whether you
need one or two additional clocks; then
select which names and time zones you
The next time you hover your mouse over
your time, you will see the other time zones
you have configured. This is a great tool for
travelers who like to call home or business
employees who have offices and clients in
other zones.
You could also set up gadgets in the
Windows Sidebar to show you multiple
times in different zones. You are welcome to
choose whichever method you like best.


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