Windows vista slow start up problem and solution:-

Facing lots of problem for Windows Vista slow start up. This is common for new operating system.
Now many people facing problem about windows vista slow start up and windows vista takes to long even after entering password screen to boots up.

It may some time show message like Errors: AFEE32.EXE
And also find Server Busy

The possible reason and solution are

Most common reason is Trojan virus called afee32.exe = TAJEAWE.EXE .This is a backdoor Trojan. However these are just some of its files, the virus's real name is "W32 Randex". This Trojan using a port back door. You can find explanation about this virus at

Try running WINDOWS DEFENDER or Windows OneCare 1.5 to isolate the file.
Use MS Malicious Virus Removal Tool, it will remove this virus according to MS.

Now if your system is not virus infected than follow these steps

Use msconfing on run and disable unnecessary start up program.

Also try defragging and generally cleaning up the system spyware adware checks virus scans etc..

Make sure all the driver are correct.

Uninstall or unplug external hardware besides your mouse and keyboard. And see if any difference you found.


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