Unlock all the hidden features in Windows 7.

Instead of going through all the currently-available tweaks manually, this tool will patch up all the files itself and enable the features that were demoed at PDC 2008.

Following files will be patched:

* WindowsExplorer.exe
* WindowsSystem32wisptis.exe
* WindowsSystem32ieframe.dll
* WindowsSystem32shell32.dll
* WindowsSystem32stobject.dll
* WindowsSystem32TabletPC.cpl
* WindowsSystem32themecpl.dll
* WindowsSystem32themeui.dll
* WindowsSystem32powercfg.cpl

And remember to backup
the above-mentioned files first, as this patch will not create a backup of them.

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James Madison said...

Your post was very informative and was a learning experience for me. I am much interested in Windows 7 operating system and about its features. I will definitely keep coming back to read interesting updates about Windows 7.

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