Sending Fake e-mail

First off, you have to find their mail exchanger. There are tons of sites on the net that will let you do that for free, and IP-Tools at will also allow you to find mailexchangers (also known as MX).

Usually they are easy to find, like hotmail's exchanger would be, or

First what you will do is use telnet to connect to the server using port 25 (SMTP Port):


telnet 25

Once it shows up, it is usually nice to start with a HELO command. Some servers require you to provide a hostname within the HELO.



It should respond with a message such as pleased to meet you or whatever. To start off with your sending, you will use the MAIL FROM: command.



NOTE: All commands are usually pretty generic, although some may vary; try the HELP command.

Now to get this e-mail to who we want it to go to, we use the RCPT TO: command.



We are now ready to type the main areas of our e-mail since the server knows where to send it. Type DATA and it should respond, telling you how to end the body of the email. Usually it is one line with a DOT (.) on a line all by itself, minus the parentheses.
After typing Data, we can type our message. Remember, you cannot backspace on mailservers, so do this very carefully. Most places need a heading to seem authentic, so start with the top stuff in your email, which should usually be typed in this order:

Date: (input w/e date u want, and yes, u can send messsages from the future hehe)

To: (recipent email here)

From: (fake email address here, or whoever u r forging this for)

Subject: (enter subject here, not awlays required, but put one just in case)

After all that, you can type the body of your message. Type whatever you want, then end it however the mailserver told you to end, which is usually a DOT (.) on a line all by itself:

blahblahblah message here

After typing that dot, it should say message queued for delivery, which is usually only a few seconds.

Finally, type your quit command, and you are done!

The basic layout looks like this:


mail from :

rcpt to :




Remember, all connections are logged, and eventually, no matter what, they will find a way to track you down, so don't do anything stupid and get yourself caught doing really bad things.


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